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Why put down your mobile phone, when it is your greatest tool for learning?

The Tuition Landscape Today

Market Gap

There are currently very little products that teaches GCE O Level Elementary Math in videos.


Depending on how much you pay, the cheaper spectrum comprises of student tutors, many who do not have the proficiency or experience to deal with the wide range of possible students and their challenges.


At the cheapest, a private student tutor costs you $2340/annum. And that’s for only 1 year of tuition. If you pay for NIE trained tutors, expect to pay $6240 and up, per year.

Personal Touch

Existing products are videos only. Sometimes what students need is someone to hold their hand through the question.

Our Approach

Close the gap

Ours are comprehensive and with one price, you get access to the entire Secondary Elementary Math syllabus in video format, until students graduate. That’s 100+ videos running 30+ hours at the palm of your child’s hand.

Subject-Matter Experts

Our videos are crafted by our team with a combined experience of more than 40 years, with a proven track record.

Cost Savings

Our videos are only $1199, one off, until your child graduates. That’s savings of $5000 per annum for NIE-trained tutors.

Still Here With You

If your child still needs help, post us the question to @ThatEMathUncle on any social media. We’ll post a #Mathicine solution reply. If that still doesn’t work, register below for the next available free #ThatEMathUncleLive and we will show your child how it’s done. Customers have priority.

Product Benefits

We sell results, not comfort. Not all tutors are made the same, and a tutor beside your child does not guarantee results.

With our collective experience, we’ve helped countless students conquer their fear of math. We’ve packaged all the know-how into these videos.

With our free weekly consults, it’s just like a tutor beside you, at a fraction of the price.

That’s huge savings!

Product Overview


No more worries of a child home alone with a tutor, or virus transmission to elderly family at home.

Catered to the Modern Student

This generation learns through videos. We’re delivering math education in a medium best-poised to succeed.


Huge savings compared to a traditional tutor. Instalment plan makes it just 4 payments of what a tutor would cost monthly.

Pedagogy, Not Just Answers

Not just the solution. We teach students the approach so that they can tackle similar questions on their own.


Watch in any order. Zoom in to what your child needs, or learn math sequentially.


21 Chapters, 100+ videos, 30+ hours, covering the entire Singapore O Level Elementary Mathematics syllabus.


No more scheduling of tuition classes to fit your child’s school schedule and a tutor’s available class time. Watch our videos anytime, anywhere.


Just read our testimonials and see the lives that we have changed.

Affordable and Accessible Academic Help

Group Tuition or Private Tutor

  • Group Tuition @ Tuition Centre

    $200/mth x 12 mths = $2400

  • Private NIE-trained tutor

    $80/hr x 1.5hrs/wk x 52 wks = $6240

  • Private Graduate Tutor

    $60/hr x 1.5hrs/wk x 52 wks = $4680

  • Private Student Tutor

    $30/hr x 1.5hrs/wk x 52 wks = $2340

These are the prices for 1 year of tuition. How many years are you paying for?

StudiumSG’s 100+ E Math Videos

  • Studium’s videos are priced at $1999 for the lot, until you graduate.

  • That’s less than what you would pay for a tutor in a year.

  • Plus if you buy now before 10th October 2023, we’ll give it to you at $1199.

  • That’s $1199 until you graduate.

4 monthly instalments available. That brings it to the same as monthly tuition fees, but only 4 times.

Tutoring for the


Why put down your mobile phone, when it is your greatest tool for learning?

Ask@ThatEMathUncle, #Mathicine and #ThatEMathUncleLive

Everything is so expensive these days it’ll be nice to receive some help without a price tag. We feel you, so here we are!

If your child has a EMath question that he/she can’t answer, post it to our Social Media @ThatEMathUncle. If we have already posted the solution, we’ll direct you to the appropriate #Mathicine. If not, we’ll post you one.

And if that doesn’t clarify doubts, register here and we’ll get back to you on the next available #ThatEMathUncleLive. At the session, #ThatEMathUncle will explain it to you online, live. 2 conditions though. You must have already posted us the question on Social Media. And you must register. 2 completely doable conditions that don’t cost you a penny.

Be an Affiliate

If our videos have changed your child’s grade, join us in helping more students conquer their fear of math. We could all use affordable academic help for our children.

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