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So you’re still unsure. We get it. Really. May we suggest you speak to some of our old students or parents. Let them tell you how we’ve helped them.

Sure it won’t be the same as having a tutor sit beside your child. That requires time, and time means it’ll cost you more. But if your child still needs help, we have free #ThatEMathUncleLive sessions where they  can get their questions answered. Just register at the bottom of our homepage.

Email us at

Call or WhatsApp us at 81234117

Ask@ThatEMathUncle, #Mathicine and #ThatEMathUncleLive

Everything is so expensive these days it’ll be nice to receive some help without a price tag. We feel you, so here we are!

If your child has a EMath question that he/she can’t answer, post it to our Social Media @ThatEMathUncle. If we have already posted the solution, we’ll direct you to the appropriate #Mathicine. If not, we’ll post you one.

And if that doesn’t clarify doubts, register here and we’ll get back to you on the next available #ThatEMathUncleLive. At the session, #ThatEMathUncle will explain it to you online, live. 2 conditions though. You must have already posted us the question on Social Media. And you must register. 2 completely doable conditions that don’t cost you a penny.

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If our videos have changed your child’s grade, join us in helping more students conquer their fear of math. We could all use affordable academic help for our children.

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