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Algebra (Fundamentals)

Videos 001-008

  • Expansion (Basic)

  • Expansion (Advanced I)

  • Expansion (Advanced II)

  • Factorisation (Special Products)

  • Factorisation (Grouping)

  • Factorisation (Cross Method)

  • Factorisation (Manipulation)

  • Factorisation (Others)

Algebra (Solving Equations)

Videos 009-016

  • General

  • Quadratic Formula

  • Completing the Square

  • Fractions

  • Simultaneous Linear Equations I

  • Simultaneous Linear Equations II

  • Problem Sums I

  • Problem Sum II

Algebra (Functions & Graphs)

Videos 017-025

  • Understanding the Constituent Parts

  • Generic Forms of Equations

  • Sketching (Introduction, Linear, Quadratic, Cubic, Horizontal & Vertical)

  • Sketching (Reciprocal & Exponential)

  • Drawing (Linear Graphs)

  • Drawing (Quadratic Graphs)

  • Drawing (Cubic Graphs)

  • Drawing (Reciprocal & Exponential Graphs)

  • Drawing (Real World Applications)

Algebra (Inequalities)

Videos 026-028

  • Basics (Understanding Signs & Number Lines, Solving Inequalities and Conditional Inequalities)

  • Advanced (Simultaneous Linear Inequalities & Conditional Simultaneous Inequalities)

  • Others (Inequalities with Other Topics & Real World Applications)

Algebra (Indices)

Videos 29-30

  • Basics (Laws, Multiply & Divide, Fractions in Power)

  • Advanced (Equations & Problem Sums)

Algebra (Proportion)

Videos 031-032

  • Basics (Direct & Inverse)

  • Advanced (Proportion with Unknown K & Common Sense Proportion)

Map & Area Scales

Video 033


Videos 034-042

  • Basics (Introduction, Straight & Parallel Lines)

  • Polygons (Terminology & Triangles)

  • Polygons (Quadrilaterals)

  • Polygons (All)

  • Circles (Terminology & Chords)

  • Circles (With Centre)

  • Circles (Without Centre & Tangents)

  • Circles (Combination with Other Topics)

  • Construction

Congruence & Similarity

Videos 043-051

  • Congruence

  • Similarity (Proving Similarity)

  • Similarity (Ratio of Sides)

  • Similarity (Ratio of Areas Using Similarity)

  • Similarity (Ratio of Areas Using Formula)

  • Similarity (Ratio of Areas Using Intermediaries)

  • Similarity (Ratio of Volumes)

  • Combination with Other Topics I

  • Combination with Other Topics II


Videos 052-056

  • 2D Figures (Triangles, Quadrilaterals & Circles)

  • 2D Figures (Worked Examples)

  • Sector Area & Arc Length in Radians

  • 3D Figures (Volume & Total Surface Area)

  • 3D Figures (Worked Examples)


Videos 057-060

  • Right-Angled Triangles [Area, Pythagoras’ Theorem & Trigonometric Ratios (TOACAHSOH)]

  • Non Right-Angled Triangles (Area, Sine & Cosine Rule, Bearing & Angles of Elevation & Depression)

  • Worked Examples I

  • Worked Examples II

Coordinate Geometry

Videos 061-064

  • Lengths Between Coordinates

  • Gradients

  • Equations & Challenges

  • Combination with Other Topics


Videos 065-082

  • Diagrams (Handling Raw Data, Bar Graphs & Histograms I)

  • Diagrams (Bar Graphs & Histograms II)

  • Diagrams (Pictograms & Pie Charts)

  • Diagrams (Line Graphs & Mixed Diagrams(

  • Diagrams (Dot Diagrams & Basic Stem & Leaf Diagrams)

  • Diagrams (Split Stems & Back-to-Back Stem & Leaf Diagrams)

  • Measures of Central Tendency (Mean, Median & Mode)

  • Measures of Central Tendency (Combination, Analysis & Interpretation I)

  • Measures of Central Tendency (Combination, Analysis & Interpretation II)

  • Measures of Central Tendency (Challenges I)

  • Measures of Central Tendency (Challenges II)

  • Measures of Central Tendency (Challenges III)

  • Quartiles & Percentiles

  • Standard Deviation (Ungrouped & Grouped Data I)

  • Standard Deviation (Ungrouped & Grouped Data II)

  • Standard Deviation (Injects, Changes & Patterns I)

  • Standard Deviation (Injects, Changes & Patterns II)

  • Standard Deviation (Combination with Other Topics)

Set Language & Notation

Videos 083-086

  • Sample Space, Set Builder Notation & Set Notation

  • Venn Diagrams

  • Challenges I

  • Challenges II


Videos 087-090

  • Introduction & Shigle Events

  • Multiple Events & Possibility Diagrams

  • Multiple Events & Probability Tress

  • Variants & Challenges


Videos 091-095

  • Primes, Highest Common Factor and Lowest Common Multiple I

  • Primes, Highest Common Factor and Lowest Common Multiple II

  • Integers, Rational Numbers and Irrational Numbers

  • Significant Figures & Conventions

  • Standard Form

Practical Mathematics

Videos 096-099

  • Profit & Loss

  • Interest

  • Hire Purchase, Instalments & Taxation

  • Currency Exchange & Utilities

Distance-Time & Speed-Time Graphs

Videos 100-103

  • Introduction

  • Distance-Time Graphs

  • Speed-Time Graphs I

  • Speed-Time Graphs II

Number Patterns

Videos 104-107

  • Basic, General Terms (Formula), & General Terms (Patterns)

  • General Terms (Same Difference & Triangular Law)

  • General Terms (Others)

  • General Terms (Challenges)


Videos 108-111

  • Order, Terms & Multiplication (Terms, Techniques, & Scalars)

  • Multiplication

  • Multiplication (Word Problems I)

  • Multiplication (Word Problems II & Challenges)


Videos 112-116

  • Introduction I

  • Introduction II

  • Moving Through Intermediaries

  • Ratio of Areas I

  • Ratio of Areas II

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