Our experience has taught us 3 things:

1. Certain methods work, for any student;

2. The process IS the result; and

3. We’re good, but we’re only half the story.

That’s why we’re not selling you a product; you are buying in to our pedagogy. For our videos to work, accept these tenets:

In O Level Elementary Math, consistency is key

You don’t mug for math, you put in consistent work. This is why we advocate 30 to 60 mins of math practice daily. With over 100 videos covering the entire O-Level E-Math syllabus, there are tonnes of material for you to practice on.

We recommend you watch the video once through, then replay it, pausing once the question is shown to attempt it without guidance, and see if you can get it right. When you’ve got it right, practice on similar questions from your textbook or assessment book.

Finally, follow us on social media for free math practice with answers #Mathicine. And of course, so we can nag you to practice!

There with you, every step of the way

We show you how we like to solve the question. We explain why we do it this way. We expose you to other methods. And everything is colour-coded and spelt out for you. We assume nothing. While you’re working through the videos, we’re still with you, we host free #ThatEMathUncle sessions.

We give our students the best possible foundation

The videos are sequential and progressive for a reason. The ability to do some questions is contingent on knowledge of other topics.

If you are very weak in Math, or have had your confidence shaken, work through the videos in sequence. If you find some topics easier, you can always increase playback speed and get through them more quickly.

If you’re almost a math whizz, and just need help over the hump with some topics, then feel free to jump around.

We can lead a horse to water…

Being one of the oldest proverbs in the world doesn’t make it any less true!

We can give you the best resources in the world, but we cannot UTILISE them for you. If you are looking for a magic pill that will turn you into a Math genius with no effort on your part, you’ve come to the wrong place.

What we do promise is that the videos are easy to follow and progressive in a way that will build your confidence, and if you stick with it, Math will soon FEEL like it takes no effort at all.

Upper Secondary Sample Lesson - Finding Ratio of Areas Using Intermediaries

Get your child to watch this video. Then ask him or her to try it step-by-step, in tandem with the video. Follow up by trying a similar question from your assessment book.

This is the Studium pedagogy.

Lower Secondary Sample Lesson - Proportion with Unknown K & Common Sense Proportion

Get your child to watch this video. Then ask him or her to try it step-by-step, in tandem with the video. Follow up by trying a similar question from your assessment book.

This is the Studium pedagogy.

“He has extensive knowledge of whatever he is teaching and leaves no question unanswered. He's a teacher who makes the effort for your academic benefit. Aside from being a great teacher, he has also nurtured me not only to be a better student, but a better person as well. He has been with me throughout the highs and lows of my senior year and never gave up on me as his student.”


“He is an amazing tutor and he makes sure that the student understands before moving on and he test students to make sure they fully understand.”


“hi cher, Thanks for everything .Even though u teach me poa only but u would still give ur advice for other subjects such as english and math. i’m very grateful for having a tutor like you. i was clueless at first but after ur guidance i was able to do well and understand a lot more. Even i don’t understand the question you would take ur time just to explain everything to me step by step and walk me through then questions. you have also prepared me well for olvls”


Tutoring for the Future

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